The 3 Best Ways To Keep Pests From Infesting Your Home

The 3 Best Ways To Keep Pests From Infesting Your Home

Have you noticed that something doesn’t look right in your home lately? It could be you’ve seen some droppings that look like it could be from mice. Or, your sheets are getting stained which could mean bed bugs. If you suspect that your house has some unwelcome visitors you need to take action.

Pests aren’t just a scary sight. They can also be a real nuisance. They can spread diseases, damage your home, and turn your peaceful dwelling into a source of constant worry. In this article, we will go over some ways to help you avoid getting infested when you see signs of pests.

1 – Seal the house

If you’re wondering how pests are getting into the house, remember that they aren’t getting in through the front door like a guest. You may have a good security system working to keep out intruders, but pests can squeeze through tiny cracks and gaps in your home’s structure.

It’s vital to sel those cracks and gaps so they can’t get in. First, conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Check for cracks in the walls, gaps around windows and doors, holes in screens, and openings around pipes or vents. If you feel like there aren’t any, think again. You may not have the eye to spot them so call in some professionals like Attic Pros to do a thorough evaluation.

Next, it’s time to seal these openings. For small cracks and gaps, caulk can be a handy solution. It’s easy to apply and can be found at any hardware store.

2 – Keep the kitchen clean

Pests, like us, need food to survive. If they can easily access food in your home, they’ll be more likely to stay. So, ensure all food items, especially those not refrigerated, are stored in airtight containers. Clean up any crumbs or spills right away.

Don’t forget your pet’s food, either. Pet food left out can quickly attract pests. It’s better to provide meals for pets at specific times and clean the bowls after they’ve finished eating. Once a bag is opened, put the rest into a sealable container.

3 – Traps and bait

While maintaining cleanliness and sealing entry points can deter many pests, some can still find their way into your home. This is where traps and baits can be valuable tools in your pest prevention arsenal.

Traps are effective for a wide range of pests. For instance, mouse traps can be placed in areas where you’ve noticed droppings or other signs of activity. These traps can catch mice, giving you an early warning of a potential infestation before it becomes a significant problem. For insects like cockroaches or ants, sticky traps baited with food can be highly effective.

On the other hand, baits are useful for controlling pests over a larger area. These usually come in the form of poisoned food that pests carry back to their nests, helping to control the overall population.

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