2023 Color Trends for Cabinet Painting in Bakersfield

2023 Color Trends for Cabinet Painting

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover anytime soon for kitchen cabinet colors 2023? Then you might consider painting kitchen cabinets following the hottest cabinet color trends — and we all know the right colors can transform your kitchen in a wink.

Plus, painting your kitchen cabinet 2023 with a new hue offers an effortless, effective, and affordable revival of your counters and clumsy cabinets.

Whether you choose safe options like white or gray, or something trendy, what you choose will impact every style, mood, and perception of a space. So, it is crucial to get it right.

Although the decision depends on your personal preference, selecting a shade that harmonizes well with the rest of your kitchen essentials is your best bet.

Also, since the kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the home, it’s better to choose a color that requires fewer coats and dries faster to minimize that downtime.

Here’s why we’re sharing these trendy kitchen cabinet colors 2023 (while keeping all these criteria in mind) that we find most in style in 2023.

9 Most Popular Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in 2023

Cabinet colors 2023 effectively impact the appearance of your kitchen and your home. Whether you’re planning on getting your cabinet Painting done by professionals or choosing a DIY project, you should know where to start when picking a palette.

To make it a little easier for you, we have listed here some of the trendiest kitchen cabinet colors 2023:

1.    Dark Blue-Green

The first in our list is the dark blue-green color which is a nice twist of the usual green and blue shades. This color has been popular for the last few years, but has only peaked this 2023.

This rich and saturated color adds classiness to the design while giving a sense of calm, deep waters, and lavish greenery. Moreover, this dark color helps you keep fingerprints and stains hidden.

When choosing this, you can complement dark blue-green cabinets with neutral colors, like beige, ivory, or warm whites. And this blue-green shade is still bright enough to let out other kitchen interiors shine.

2.    Shades of Blue

Besides the blue-green twist, blue itself is a popular choice now. With baby blue and ocean blue being very popular last year, bright blue and navy blue are the rising stars in 2023.

As many interior experts say, blues and greens have boosted popularity in the furniture industry. Among them are the blue shades & hues, navy blue has been trending lately.

Blue also mixes well with many other shades. You can pair it with neutral white, ivory, silver, or golden countertops, walls, or even natural brick and wood interiors.

Like dark blue-green, navy blue also helps camouflage stains and fingerprints, resulting in a low-maintenance cabinet color.

3.    Shades of Green

After blue, green is the next popular choice, and a few specific shades of green are getting more attention. Since green embodies nature, green shades help you create a calm and soothing ambiance in the kitchen.

The most trendy greens include – sage green, rich pine green, dark green, olive, apple green, etc. Earthy greens are also a good choice for a more cozy kitchen feel.

Moreover, green is nearly a neutral color that pairs well with wooden, marble, or quartz countertop. Green cabinets are the perfect fit for kitchen islands and green kitchens add natural depth and serenity to your home.

4.    Berries

While pink and berry colors are unusual for kitchen cabinet colors 2023, this trend is growing in popularity. The berry color scheme is quietly becoming a big hit, and the top players in the painting industry – the leading paint manufacturers, like Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams, agree on this.

So, let’s unpack your inner maximalist, make a bold choice, and get the trendsetting look for your kitchen by following these two important things when experimenting with pink and berry colors:

  • Pink colors perfectly match white, cashmere, ivory, or silver, giving the kitchen a striking and trendy appearance.
  • Pastel pinks can also accentuate dark wood or contrast with glass and marble
  • Berry colors, like magenta, purple, and crimson, are classy, and contemporary, and beautifully complement the modern kitchen cabinet colors 2023

If you are not confident enough to follow through with this shade, you can always look for an expert and talk to a color consultant since pinks and berries aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

5.    Earth Tones

Surprisingly, earth tones are gaining popularity over the last few years. Many homeowners are now leaning towards earthy tones, like mushrooms, terracotta, or moss green to completely change the appearance of their kitchen.

Earth tones are a holistic color palette of many natural hues and shades. They continue to gain traction mainly because they allow the space to be colorful while making it very easy for the eyes.

This palette includes shades of green, tree bark, mulch, rivers, sand, and new neutral colors like mushrooms, cashmere, and many more. Most earth tones work well together, so you can quickly make a built-in color palette for your kitchen.

Consider layering the earthy tints within the space; like with a cashmere color cabinet, you can get earthy brown countertops or sage green countertops with dark brown cabinets and sand color walls.

6.    Natural Wood

Natural wood tones have been in the trend since time immemorial. This palette has topped the list of popular cabinet colors 2023 consecutively for several years, across the borders, and is still going strong after an excellent lasting influence.

That’s because natural wood has a timeless appeal, so this style is here to stay — and for good. Furthermore, natural colors blend well with any countertop and splashback colors and materials.

Since there are tons of natural wood shades and stains in the market, you can check out both light and dark, plain to textured tones for starters.

7.    Vivacious Black

Black has been trending for kitchen cabinet colors 2023 over the last few years. Last year it made it to the top of the list alongside dark navy blue and dark gray shades. However, in 2023, it has risen to the top as a standalone color.

Not only sophisticated, black cabinets are also classy, modern, and transitional in design, depending on the complementary interiors.

Semi-gloss black cabinets shine bright against white or beige countertops, while matte black contrasts best with glass or glossy splashback.

While choosing black cabinets in the kitchen, make sure other things in the room are light-colored or glossy and reflective to keep the space brighter.

8.    Vivid Whites

White ranked on the last few years’ popular cabinet colors 2023 list, and it will stay here forever as the easiest and safest go-to color to pair with all darker colors and warmer colors.

White is the ultimate neutral, and you can amalgam it with anything like a blank canvas.

White cabinets have a tidy, radiant appearance that brightens up any space. And the glossy materials and various paint qualities make them easy to maintain despite the light color.

9.    Classic Gray

Gray is another color that has been around for quite some time, proving its resilience. Homeowners have always loved a gray cabinet with gold hardware for a clean, modern look.

Gray cabinets come in various shades, from very pale to almost black, making them a good choice for many kitchen styles and styles. Choose a lighter color in a less-lit kitchen, or choose something more saturated to match some of the other bold colors that came out this year.

Gray also makes a great backdrop when used on kitchen cabinet colors 2023 due to its neutral nature. Countertops, wall colors, and kitchen tiles can all have more color and textures when paired with gray cabinets. This can allow for more freedom of expression throughout the space without being overwhelming at the same time.

In A Nutshell

Many of the cabinet colors 2023 on this year’s list of popular shades have already been seen in previous years. This proves all these colors have a long-lasting impact on creating timeless kitchen designs.

Whether the kitchen is rustic or modern, these colors set the stage for a beautiful and lasting design. These 2023 kitchen cabinet color trends all share the goal of bringing peace and comfort to your home.

Use freshly painted cabinets to update your kitchen space and give it a whole new energy. A simple makeover of your kitchen cabinet colors 2023 or an overall kitchen remodeling – enhance your home and enrich your lifestyle for years to come.

Choose from various trendy colors, finishes, and renovation ideas to give your home a youthful look that everyone will appreciate.


What cabinet colors are trending for 2023?

While the trending colors list might be longer, here are some of the most popular colors:

  • Pale Green – for a lighter take on the earthy colors
  • Pastel Pink – for a sophisticated take on the versatile color
  • Navy Blue or Black – add depth and dimension with dark colors
  • Brown – for a rustic and natural world-like feel
  • Berry Red – for a bold, beautiful look
  • Two-tone – for a modern style that delivers depth

What shade of kitchen cabinets will be most popular in 2023?

In 2023 and beyond, white will remain the most popular kitchen cabinet colors 2023. Although trend studies suggest that white kitchens are losing favor, interior designers believe white cabinets remain the most popular among homeowners because of their timelessness and high resale value.

What is the new color for 2023?

The Pantone Color Institute named Viva Magenta the official color of the year for 2023 for its joyful but vivacious character. This red, with slight purple and magenta undertones, matches many color palettes, including rich, warm neutrals to lighter, earthy palettes.

Is gray going out of style in 2023?

Gray kitchen cabinets are still trending even in 2023! A gray kitchen is a timeless classic design that will not go out of style anytime soon.

Modern gray tones may be elegant and classy or subdued and simple to combine with practically any interior type. So it will stay here in the coming years also, unlike other transitory fashion choices.

What color cabinets are low maintenance?

Both white and light gray colors reflect light and make the kitchen cabinets feel brighter.

Also, homeowners prefer painting cabinets white or gray because of their simplicity and elegance. Moreover, if the cabinets get scratched, the damage will not be easily visible. Gray color also disguises dust and smudges.

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