Window and Door UPVC Maintenance Instructions

Window and Door UPVCMaintenance Instructions

Professionals in the field have a great deal of respect for UPVC windows and doors because of their reliability and longevity, and thrifty consumers have come to favour them for the same reasons. If you follow the steps in this UPVC maintenance guide, your UPVC windows and doors will last for many years without a hitch.

Simply put, what is UPVC?

The term “unplasticized polyvinyl chloride” (PVC) refers to a tough variety of the material that is impervious to chemicals and the elements. Pipes, window and door frames, and other structural components are common uses.

Maintenance of UPVC Windows


When cleaning the exteriors of uPVC window frames, it’s important to be gentle. Avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbers on this surface; instead, just use some warm water and a gentle detergent. Internal surfaces may become discoloured due to exposure to cigarette or cooking smoke; however, despite the allure of chemical cleaners, it is best to refrain from using them. If this happens, you should get in touch with a professional in the field for sound, individualised guidance.

Accumulation and drainage of an excessive amount of moisture

Condensation and drainage problems are constant challenges in humid climates like the United Kingdom. When it rains a lot, water may pool at the base of your door and window frames. There are holes in the bottom of the frame that will collect any water that doesn’t evaporate.

Just as when there is moisture in the air or a significant temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors, condensation is likely to form. Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly prone to condensation, but double glazing and adequate ventilation can significantly reduce the problem.

Original panes

If you have a gorgeous leadlight window, you may have some additional considerations for your structure. Many Victorian-era English homes have original leadlights, which are decorative historical pieces made of glass and lead. Temporary discoloration and sometimes a white misty appearance along the lead may result from rainwater or condensation. However, this is completely normal and the problem will resolve itself. Eventually, the lead’s oxidation process will cause the metal’s colour to stabilise as a dark grey that will no longer stain.

Mechanisms for securing and opening windows

Maintenance of your window locks can be reduced to a matter of common sense. Don’t try to open a keyed window lock without the key release, and always turn the handle the right way before you open or close the window. A shoot bolt locking system could be used on alternative windows. These are practical because there is a second, less obvious position that allows air to flow. Keep in mind that this isn’t always appropriate for home security purposes and needs to be closed completely when occupants are sleeping or away from the house.

Light cleaning is recommended to ensure premium, long-lasting performance from your window hinges. In order to keep the tracks clear of debris and operating smoothly, a quick brushing is all that’s needed. Silicon spray for cleaning and a visual inspection of the screws to see if they need tightening should be used on the hinges. By turning the screw clockwise, you can increase the friction pressure and keep the hinges on both sides of the window in a state of near-perfect tension equilibrium.

Way Out!

All Tricept windows must be at least 500 mm wide and open laterally, and, most importantly, must be fitted with fire escape hinges in accordance with building codes. It’s possible to slide the sash toward the centre of the opening, providing even more space, once the sash has opened to nearly 900mm. The benefit is not only noticeable in times of crisis, but also in the regular course of cleaning the window.

Sliding UPVC Window Costs

Newly constructed houses in the UK almost always feature one of these window frame designs, making them among the most widely used options. uPVC windows are extremely low-cost and require almost no maintenance compared to other window materials like aluminium or wood. To learn more about Framemaster’s installation services in the West Midlands, click here.

Upkeep of a vinyl or PVC door


Cleaning the handles, letterboxes, chrome, and brass hardware of your uPVC doors is best done gently, just as you would with your uPVC windows. Protecting these parts from abrasive and potentially damaging liquids is easy with just a dry, soft cloth. You could also use a silicon spray to lubricate the hinges on your doors, and you should make sure the drains are free of obstructions.

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