What is a Table Shower - Everything you need to know

What is a Table Showers – Everything you need to know

As an adult, it’s likely that you have either experienced or heard of massage parlors spas or table showers. While not everyone’s favorite activity, many people enjoy the benefits of a good massage, particularly in relieving sore and achy muscles. Various types of massages are available, typically categorized by their origin and techniques.

You may be curious about what a table shower spa is. This is a popular Asian massage technique that can leave your body feeling soothed and relaxed. One type of massage that falls under this category is the table showers, also known as the Vichy shower, Scotch hose, Swiss shower, or hydrotherapy. Asian table showers are becoming increasingly popular, and in the article below, you will learn all you need to know about them, including their history, benefits, the process, and common myths associated with them.

What is a Table Shower?

A table showers is a unique shower that is connected to a long, flat metal bar resembling a shower head pole. It is designed to provide a massage with proper water drainage, and the pole is positioned over a waterproof spa shower table.

Table showers provide various benefits as part of hydrotherapy treatments available at professional spas. The shower bar can be adjusted to target specific areas of the body according to your preference, and the temperature and rhythm of the water can be varied by adjusting the positions of the jets. A table shower massage provides a warm and relaxing experience for overall enjoyment.

The Fascinating History of Table Shower Massage

Although the exact origins of table showers are uncertain, what is clear is that the name “Vichy therapy” comes from the town of Vichy in central France, which has a long history of hydrotherapy. Despite its popularity in Asia, this type of massage likely has roots in Europe.

Some historians suggest that a famous medieval French royalty, Julius Caesar, discovered the therapeutic Vichy Springs while attempting to conquer Gaul. Legend has it that his horse drank water from the thermal springs and immediately recovered from intense fatigue. This led the ruler to believe that the water from the springs had healing properties, and he began building spas in the area.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that the rest of the world became aware of this therapy. Even today, approximately 1500 years later, thousands of people still spend weeks at the springs, enjoying the relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere of bathing in Vichy waters in France. The region now boasts several spas and resorts that offer table showers massages.

Vichy town is still one of the most popular spa cities, with over five natural springs and multiple establishments offering a diverse range of treatments, including oxygen therapy, cold-water therapy, mud cures, mechanical therapy, and carbonate spring baths. Vichy showers have become so well-known that you can install a handheld and rain shower head in your own home to enjoy a relaxing and soothing experience similar to a table shower massage.

Which is the best table shower near me in the USA? 

If you’re in New York, there are several popular table shower locations that offer high-quality services. You can choose from a comprehensive list of places that provide the best table shower massage in your area. 

Here are some popular table shower locations in New York:

  • Juvenex Spa
  • Russian & Turkish Baths
  • Spa Castle
  • Premier 57
  • King Spa & Sauna
  • Sky Tree Spa
  • Oriental Spa
  • Tokyo Spa
  • Grand Central Bodywork
  • Hiyako Spa

Table Shower Benefits

Table showers offer several benefits including, Relaxation,Boosting The Immunity, Painkiller,  Beauty Improvement, besides the reported therapeutic effects of water. They are particularly useful for messy treatments like body scrubs or mud wraps, where clients need to pause the treatment and rinse off the products.

Types of Table Shower

There are different types of table showers available, which differ slightly from regular massage tables. They have drainage holes and may have an optional splash guard for the therapist’s convenience. Some may also come with a detachable hand-held showerhead.

Consideration while taking Table Shower

During a table showers, towels are strategically placed over the body to maintain privacy, rather than using sheets as in a regular massage. Some clients may choose to wear disposable undergarments during the treatment.

Fun Fact of Table Shower

As a fun fact, the showerheads of some table showers are designed to align with the body’s chakras, which are believed to be energy centers along the spine. This is said to stimulate the clearing and detoxification of the body’s aura or energy field.

In conclusion, a table shower massage is exactly what it sounds like. Clients lie down on waterproof tables as therapists work on their bodies with sprayers. To fully enjoy the benefits of this technique, it’s essential to choose a reputable table shower salon. From the massage table to the towels used, everything should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

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