9 Tips to Accurately Plan Your International Move

Every year, many individuals and families move to different countries. People move to other countries for several reasons, including lesser living expenses, economic opportunities. Living in a better environment, having a brighter future, or settling down in areas near their relatives. 

Although the government of the United States does not keep official records of emigration. The Census estimates that 9.4 million Americans reside abroad, and the percentage of individuals that leave the country annually ranges between 2 and 2.5 percent of the total.

As per the data gathered, Florida was one of the fastest-growing states in the 2021 and 2022. Although it experienced a high influx of new residents in 2021 at approximately 221,000, many Floridians would prefer to relocate to a different country, according to a survey. It indicated that many families are considering moving internationally due to factors like environment, economy, better job opportunities, and healthier lifestyles.

When making an international move, the planning stage is often critical to the entire home-moving process. Whatever the reason for moving, adequate preparation is essential. No matter where you are heading, if you are planning to move. Consider the following tips to make your international relocation trouble-free.

  1. Get Help from an International Moving Company

Finding international movers that are reputable and trustworthy can be challenging. You might end up getting confused about choosing between companies. Regardless of the country you want to move to, once you have decided to relocate. start researching international moving companies around you. For example, if you are currently residing somewhere in Florida, like Fort Lauderdale, and interested in moving internationally from Fort Lauderdale, search for the best moving companies in Fort Lauderdale to help make your move smoother. 

Although cost is a crucial factor, keep in mind that inexpensive solutions are not necessarily the best. You must avoid moving fraud at all costs if you want to migrate, especially to another country.

  • Start your preparation as early as possible

Since relocating takes a long time, you must start preparations as soon as possible. Time management is the key. 

Create a planning checklist for your move to assist you throughout the relocation journey. Add tasks to your calendar and prioritize them by starting with the duties you must finish regardless of the circumstances. To get an idea of what your moving timetable should entail, you can also find recommendations from free moving checklists. 

  • Do not Forget About Immunizations

Depending on the country you are heading to, you might need to get vaccinated against various diseases, such as typhoid, yellow fever, and hepatitis A. 

Visit your doctor at least two months before your move, as some vaccinations include multiple doses. Your healthcare provider will guide you on which vaccinations are recommended or necessary for the country you will be relocating to. 

  • Remove Unnecessary Items from Your Home.

The cost of your move will depend on the volume and weight of the goods you need to transport over a long distance. Just packing what you will need can considerably lower your moving expenditures. Use the one-year rule to determine if you should keep or discard a specific item. For instance, if you have not used something in the last year, you probably do not need it anymore. 

Before the relocation, you can sell goods that still have some monetary worth online or at a garage sale. You can also gift the gently worn items you are not taking to friends or family or donate them to a good cause.

  • Get Important Documents

Moving requires updating your information in various places, and it gets challenging when it comes to relocating to another country. There will be lots of paperwork. A passport is the most significant piece of documentation. Applying for a passport earlier is a good idea because it can take some time. If you intend to work or attend school, you might also need to apply for a VISA, which is time-consuming. 

You should also have some other necessary documents, such as a driver’s license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, medical records, academic records, divorce papers, and child custody papers (if applicable) on hand. 

  • Sort Out Accommodation

Whether you are certain about which city you will be living in, in a new country, or are keeping the options open, one of the most challenging aspects of relocating abroad is selecting your new location of residence. 

Fortunately, you can get support from relocation consultants who will help you find accommodation based on your requirements. Whether you plan to rent a house or are interested in purchasing housing in a new country, professionals will handle it as they better understand the real estate market and local laws. 

  • Take Healthcare Options into Account

When it comes to moving internationally, the decision could leave you with plenty of questions, including health insurance. How does insurance work there? Can you get an insurance policy as an immigrant? These concerns are legitimate and must be considered before deciding to move abroad. 

Know that your ordinary insurance policy in your native country likely would not provide you with worldwide coverage. Most private insurance policies only intend to protect you while traveling domestically. 

  • Get Help from Immigration Professional

An international move may require specific paperwork. An immigration specialist is an expert who can assist in ensuring that you have everything to relocate to another country legally. They will assist you in comprehending immigration regulations, deadlines for submitting paperwork, necessary vaccinations, and other guidelines for importing your personal belongings. 

  • Get Packing Supplies

When packing your stuff for an international move, small boxes would not be much help. Know that without the proper packing supplies, your valuables would not be secure. 

Make sure to purchase the moving goods, such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and stretch wrap. You can find these packing supplies at shops that deal with moving equipment or order online from home improvement stores.


Relocating to a new country is an entire process that might take months of planning, research, and preparation. It is easy to get perplexed and bogged down in a maze of international moving procedures and customs clearance regulations. Nevertheless, timely planning and implementation of the tasks as well as getting assistance from professionals, can help make your moving journey a bit easier and stress-free. 

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