Ways to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Ways to Paint Kitchen Cabinets? – Choose Right Color for Your Kitchen

The most popular and easiest way to renew a kitchen design is to paint the kitchen cabinets. This type of renovation allows you to save money and create a unique and original kitchen design, in whatever color and style you want.

So if you want to freshen up the design of your kitchen but don’t want to replace the cabinets – this type of kitchen renovation where you refresh the fronts with a new color is the perfect solution!


Full coverage or transparency?

Furniture coatings are divided into collections depending on their opacity. Full coverage paints are paints that completely hide the natural color and grain pattern of the materials to which they are applied. Painting your wooden cabinets with this type of paint will bring a whole new look to your kitchen and you can choose from a wider range of colors to reflect your personal style. Transparent paints are characterized by allowing the structure of the material to which they are applied to show through. This type of paint gives a more natural look as you can clearly see the decorative and natural pattern of the underlying material.

How to paint your kitchen cabinets and different types of paint

Water Enamel, Latex Paint

Latex paint has enjoyed uninterrupted interest for many years. Latex emulsions are great for giving your kitchen cabinets a new and fresh look. Plus, they’re a great color alternative if you’re looking to minimize your environmental footprint. Most latex emulsion paints do not emit unpleasant and harmful fumes and odors and that makes them considerate to our health. In addition to being environmentally friendly, latex paints are non-toxic in their composition. Kitchen cabinets painted with latex enamel are smooth and easy to clean. This type of paint dries much faster than oil paint. This makes it a bit more difficult to achieve an even and glossy finish. A paint sprayer will give you the most even result for this type of paint.

Phthalic Color

A popular choice for people looking to paint their wood, laminate, or MDF furniture is alkyd enamel paints, also known as phthalate paints or acrylic enamels. This type of paint is an excellent alternative to classic oil paint. The paint is made on a base of linseed oil, which gives the paint exceptional coverage. Due to the use of alkyd resins, these paints are much more resistant to external violence. Further advantages are above all the easy spreading as well as the temperature and moisture resistance. Unfortunately, this type of paint, similar to oil paints, is characterized by a strong and unpleasant smell. Due to the ingredients of the paint, they also have a negative effect on health, as they can cause headaches and dizziness.

Oil based paint

The advantage of oil paints for furniture is, of course, that they have very good opacity. In addition, oil paints offer very good resistance to external pressure. Oil paints are therefore a perfect color choice for cabinets that are subject to heavy use. In addition, they are easy to distribute. For this reason, oil paints are preferably used on wooden materials. Unfortunately, oil paints also have their disadvantages. A massive downside is that they emit noxious fumes that can cause severe headaches and nausea with prolonged exposure. Oil paints also contain harmful chemicals and have a limited range of colors. Oil paint removal is another headache as it takes a lot of work to manually and carefully scrape the paint off the surface.

Hybrid enamel color

Hybrid enamel paint creates a beautiful, oil-colored finish. If you have wooden furniture, hybrid enamel paint is a good choice. You can choose to paint with a sprayer, brush or even a roller. Hybrid enamel paints are also a good alternative to alkyld enamel paints as they contain fewer VOCs (which are a serious source of air pollution and can cause allergic reactions). Hybrid enamel paints are also much easier to remove from painted surfaces than oil paints.

chalk paint

Recently, chalk paint has become a real hit. It owes its popularity, among other things, to the matt surfaces and pastel colors. All alternatives are often seen in furnishing styles such as shabby chic, rustic, vintage or retro. Chalk is an easy paint to use because you don’t need any preparation. You can just take a brush or roller, whichever you prefer, and start painting. Another advantage is that some chalk paints dry very quickly, even in about 30 minutes. It is made from water, chalk and many other natural ingredients. Chalk paints therefore lack the unpleasant odor that other paints have. Chalk paints are therefore completely ecological and safe for children. A disadvantage of chalk paints, however, is that they wear out quite easily. The surface can be damaged by scratches, but also by moisture and dirt. To prolong the life of a piece of furniture painted with chalk, it is best to apply an extra coat of clear varnish or furniture wax.

milk color


Furniture painted milky paint creates a distinctive aged look. It is easy to prepare as it is made of pigment and milk. The fact that it is not harmful is worth knowing. You can also create your own unique color by using milk colors. Therefore, milk color is perfect for artists who want to find a way to express their creativity and create something unique.

How to paint kitchen cabinets – Choose the color!

Varnishes come in a variety of types. Taking a closer look at the colors, let’s see what each one has to offer. The style and preferences you choose will obviously depend on your own. However, we would like to give you a few tips on which color to choose and which handles to use to completely change the look of your kitchen and achieve the style you have only dreamed of.

Wood combined with black or white kitchen cabinets


The combination of two materials is a popular choice in modern kitchen design . The combination of neutral colors and natural materials creates a timeless charm, and the contrast between wood and white creates a vibrancy that is very exciting.

Black might not be the first color that comes to mind when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets. However, the black color is associated with elegance and we would like to tell you that black in combination with wooden elements does not have to become overwhelming as the natural wood brings warmth and air into the interior. The combination of white and wooden cabinets is also a great design choice. When it comes to ideas for small kitchens , preference should be given to white, as the light tones will visually increase the space and make it seem more spacious. However, the combination of black kitchen cabinets and wooden elements is perfect for larger kitchen spaces.

Gray kitchen cabinets

If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets but are unsure of which color to go for, gray is a great choice! Why actually? Well, because of the modern look and the versatility it brings. Gray kitchen cabinets suit any decor and design style. Of course, other muted colors (like brown, white, and other pastel colors) also work. However, you should pay attention to the tone and temperature of the paint. Cabinets of a warmer shade should be combined with warm materials. For example, a warm gray in combination with off-white or taupe floor tiles creates a perfect harmony that will bring all your visitors to their knees.

Sage green kitchen cabinets

If you dream of a sage green house and kitchen, sage green color Known as a truly organic color, sage green has a calming effect and will work wonders in any kitchen. It’s a very universal color. You can therefore opt for any design style and still be sure that the sage green will harmonize well with the selected furniture and appliances.

Eggshell kitchen cabinets

The off-white, painted off-white kitchen cabinets color choice will add a traditional charm to your kitchen. The eggshell colored cabinets work particularly well in a country style kitchen. Combine them with wooden or metal decorative accessories and you have a winner.

Classic blue

If you are in the mood for a kitchen design that takes you back to the country house dream, shades of blue are perfect for you. Blue is associated with the sea and the beach. It brings character and tranquility to any room. Although blue is often associated with bathroom designs, it is also a beautiful color choice for kitchen designs. Combine it with marble, metal, white or graphite to create perfect harmony and balance.

Warm taupe

Taupe is a mix of brown and gray. It creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in the kitchen. To achieve an optimal effect of heat, we recommend combining this type of colored kitchen cabinets with brown handles.

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