Kitchen Fluorescent Light Replacement Ideas

Kitchen Fluorescent Light Replacement Ideas

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have at least one kitchen fluorescent light replacement fixture in your kitchen, which you might not be very fond of. Not only do these fixtures appear unappealing, but they also tend to lack brightness.

Thankfully, there are numerous replacement options available to upgrade your kitchen’s fluorescent lighting. The first step is to consider the type of light bulb you prefer, with various choices like:

Incandescent light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs

LED light bulbs

CFL light bulbs

After choosing the light bulb type, the next decision is about the style of the light fixture. You have several possibilities to explore, such as:

Pendant light fixtures


Flush mount light fixtures

Recessed light fixtures

Once you’ve settled on a light fixture style, you can focus on selecting the right color of light. Some of the available options include:

Warm white

Soft white


If you’re dissatisfied with your current kitchen fluorescent light, these replacement ideas offer a great opportunity for an update. If you find it challenging to decide which option suits you best, seeking advice from a lighting specialist could be beneficial.


We recently undertook the task of replacing the sizable fluorescent light fixture positioned near our stove, and the process turned out to be remarkably straightforward. Below, we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide for your reference:


Safety should always come first when dealing with any electrical fixture. Begin by turning off the power to the fluorescent light at the circuit breaker in your electrical panel box. This ensures that no one accidentally switches the light back on while you’re working on it. Taking this precaution right at the outset also prevents any possibility of forgetting to do so later. For an extra layer of caution, you can use a voltage detector to verify that there’s no current running through the wires before you proceed.


Carefully take off the plastic shade cover, which is typically attached by snapping it into place. Then, remove the long fluorescent bulbs and set them aside to avoid any accidental breakage during the removal process.


Snap out the metal cover that conceals the wiring at the back of the fixture and replace fluorescent lights in the kitchen. It’s a relieving sight when the wiring is located centrally within the fixture, as opposed to coming through the ceiling at one end like in some cases we’ve encountered in other kitchens. Dealing with a central wiring configuration avoids the need for more complex wiring adjustments to reposition the fixture box correctly.


Continuing with the power turned off, I proceeded to unscrew the wire caps, allowing us to separate the fixture wiring from the ceiling wiring. It’s essential to note that there’s no need to tamper with the wiring inside the fixture itself (the blue and red wires seen on the right side of the photo below). Additionally, this step was carried out after we had finished painting the walls.


The fluorescent fixture was held in place by two substantial screws on either end. Utilizing my cordless screwdriver, I carefully unscrewed them…

…which led to the gratifying moment of finally removing the fixture entirely. My excitement was evident as I accidentally blurred my face in the photo.

If your old fixture is still in good condition, we highly recommend donating it to a place like Habitat for Humanity Restore, where it can find a new home and serve a purpose.


Since your new light fixture will likely be positioned differently, you’ll need to fill any holes (like those from the screws), repair any other concealed damage, and paint the area to blend it with the rest of your ceiling. We’ll cover this important step later in this post to ensure there’s no lingering evidence of the old fluorescent fixture, giving your kitchen a fresh and updated look.

Embracing Pendant Light Fixtures: An Alternative to Replacing Fluorescent Lights in Kitchen

For those seeking to enhance their kitchen’s appearance, replacing fluorescent light fixtures with pendant light fixtures presents an excellent opportunity. With a diverse array of styles available, you can easily find one that complements the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Moreover, these pendant fixtures offer superior illumination, ensuring clear visibility while you’re busy cooking.

Not only do pendant light fixtures brighten up your kitchen, but they also inject a touch of personality into the space. If you’ve grown weary of the standard fluorescent lights that came with your kitchen, opting for pendant light fixtures can breathe new life into the room.

Here are some key points to consider if you’re contemplating this lighting upgrade:

Versatile Styles: Pendant light fixtures come in a variety of captivating styles, allowing you to select one that perfectly complements the ambiance of your kitchen.

Enhanced Illumination: By opting for pendant light fixtures, you can enjoy brighter and more focused lighting, making your culinary tasks much more convenient.

Infusion of Personality: These fixtures serve as a means to infuse your kitchen with character and personal flair, making it a unique and inviting space.

Aesthetic Improvement: Above all, pendant light fixtures serve as a powerful tool to elevate the overall look and feel of your kitchen, transforming it into a more stylish and visually appealing space.

With the versatility and benefits that pendant light fixtures bring, making the switch from fluorescent lights can be a rewarding choice for upgrading your kitchen’s lighting scheme.

Kitchen Fluorescent Light Replacement with Recessed Lighting Solutions

The process of kitchen fluorescent light replacement may appear daunting, but it’s actually quite manageable with various available solutions. The key to a successful replacement lies in selecting the appropriate type of light.

One excellent option for this purpose is recessed lighting. Renowned for its subtle and unobtrusive nature, recessed lighting discreetly illuminates the space. The versatility of recessed lighting allows it to be installed in various configurations, making it an ideal choice for replacing a kitchen fluorescent light.

Another noteworthy alternative is LED lighting. Praised for its energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, LED lighting proves to be an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option. It can seamlessly replace different types of lights, presenting a practical choice for updating your kitchen’s lighting.

Lastly, a traditional light fixture is yet another viable option for replacing a kitchen fluorescent light. With a wide range of fixture designs available, you can easily find one that suits your aesthetic preferences. This versatility makes light fixtures a reliable choice for upgrading your kitchen lighting.

When making the decision for your kitchen fluorescent light replacement, carefully consider the type of light that best suits your needs. Whether it’s the sleek appeal of recessed lighting, the energy efficiency of LED lighting, or the timeless charm of a light fixture, each option has its own merits and popularity as a preferred solution for the task at hand.

Upgrading Kitchen Lighting: Consider Under Cabinet Lighting as a kitchen Fluorescent light replacement

While the idea of kitchen fluorescent light replacement may seem intimidating, it can actually be a straightforward project. The key to a successful replacement lies in choosing the right type of light fixture that suits your kitchen’s requirements. With several options available, it’s essential to consider your kitchen’s unique needs.

One popular choice for kitchen lighting is recessed lighting. These lights are installed into the ceiling and work well in kitchens with lower ceilings. Providing ample illumination, recessed lights are an excellent fit for kitchens that require a generous amount of light.

Another appealing option for kitchen lighting is under cabinet lighting. As the name suggests, these lights are installed underneath the cabinets and are perfect for tasks like cooking and baking. If your kitchen boasts a substantial amount of counter space, under cabinet lighting can be a highly practical and efficient solution.

When contemplating a fluorescent light replacement, it’s crucial to address the drawbacks associated with fluorescent lighting. Notably, poor visibility while cooking and the presence of mercury, which can be harmful to the environment, are significant concerns.

To overcome these issues, consider opting for LED lights as a fluorescent light replacement. LED lights are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose a light that complements your kitchen’s aesthetics. Moreover, LED lights are exceptionally energy-efficient, leading to cost savings on your energy bills.

When selecting a new kitchen light fixture, carefully assess your kitchen’s unique requirements. Recessed lights for low ceilings, under cabinet lights for ample counter space, and LED lights as a replacement for fluorescent fixtures offer practical solutions tailored to your kitchen’s needs.

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