Designing the Perfect Nursery with Peel and Stick Wallpaper For a Dreamy Beginning

Designing the Perfect Nursery with Peel and Stick Wallpaper For a Dreamy Beginning

The process of bringing a new life into the world is a joyous occasion but still it comes with some whirlwind of preparations. Among some of the preparations that you will have to deal with is setting up a serene, safe and visually appealing nursery. Peel and stick wallpaper has gained popularity over the years for its ease of application, versatility and the array of designs it comes with. The use of peelable wallpaper can easily transform the nursery to a dreamy haven that sets the stage for a beautiful beginning of life. This brief clearly shows how you can benefit from using peel ad stick wallpapers to design the perfect nursery for your child.

How to create a beautiful and safe nursery with peel and stick wallpaper

This process of designing and creating a beautiful and safe nursery with peel and stick wallpaper will involve intensive planning and considerations. You will consider both safety factors, and aesthetic factors. Here are some steps you can use to create a charming and secure space for your nursery.

Choosing a theme

The first step is to pick a theme that will easily resonate with your interests. It should be able to create a soothing feel for the baby. The examples here are to go for gender-neutral colors such as light-blue wallpaper for baby boy nurseries, soft pastels and some popular choices such as nature-inspired themes.

Plan the layout

Different parents can choose different layouts. Some wants to create an accent wall while others wants to cover the entire wall. Before purchasing the wallpaper, you need to decide on this. You also could decide on using the wallpaper as a border or combining the nursery wallpaper with paint.

Choose peel and stick wallpaper

The next step is to go for peel and stick wallpaper that will easily complement the chosen theme. They should be appropriate for the nursery setting, visually appealing and gender appropriate. They equally should be safe and made from non-toxic products.

Prepare the surface

Where do you want to create this appealing look with peel and stick wallpaper? Do you want to create a statement wall or you easily want to apply this to the entire walls? After this consideration, measure the application area and prepare the walls. The walls should be free from debris, dust or previous wallpapers. Clean, smoothen and dry the walls before application.

Gather Tools and apply the wallpaper

You must have the right tools and equipment such as measuring tape, utility knife, pencil, level, scissors and smoothening tool. You might equally need a step ladder. With all these tools, follow these steps to apply the wallpaper.

  1. Start from the corner or edge of the wall. Using the level to ensure its straight, peel an small backing and align it with the wallpaper.
  2. Continue with the application-Slowly peel off the backing paper while pressing the wallpaper onto the wall. You can go with the smoothing tool to ensure a smooth application.
  3. Align each of the pieces carefully and eventually trim the excess wallpaper carefully with the scissors and the utility knife.
  4. Take time to align the patterns and designs and this will create a seamless look.

These steps and safety precautions will help you create a stunning and a safe nursery for your new born with peel and stick wallpaper. The key in this case is to balance safety with aesthetics.

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