Fire Pit Landscape Design

10 Ideas for Low Cost Fire Pit Landscape Design

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your outdoor area into a relaxing haven. We’ll look at 10 creative and affordable low cost fire pit landscape design ideas in this blog. A fire pit may be the focal point of your backyard, whether you’re envisioning warm evenings spent beneath the stars or exciting get-togethers with loved ones.

Our collection of ideas includes everything from traditional stone arrangements to wacky swing seats, catering to all tastes and price ranges. These patterns can add to the attractiveness of your outdoor space and make it feel cozy and welcoming. As we explore unique and reasonably priced methods to incorporate a fire pit into your landscape and transform your backyard into a fantastical retreat, get ready to be inspired.

Traditional Stone Circle

Building a traditional stone circle fire pit is a classy and reasonably priced choice. Gather big stones from the surrounding area or buy them from a nearby garden center. Make sure the center of the arrangement has enough room for a safe fire before arranging them in a circle. A serene garden setting is ideal for this rustic, natural aesthetic.

Brick fire pit with a new function

For a more affordable option, think about building a fire pit out of recycled bricks. Bricks from building sites or community postings are frequently available for little or no cost. Square or circular brick arrangements make for an easy-to-maintain fire pit. 

Gravel Encirclement

Installing gravel around your fire pit will improve its appearance. This creates a barrier that resists flames while also enhancing the aesthetic attractiveness. Gravel is a great material for do-it-yourself projects because it’s affordable and simple to spread.

Metal Fire Pit Simplified

If you don’t want to use brick or stone for your construction, a straightforward metal fire pit can work just as well. Get a cheap metal fire bowl and set it on a level, secure spot in your yard. Add some gravel or stones around it for a polished appearance.

Multiple Level Seating

Construct multi-level seating around your fire pit to create a dynamic focal point. To make benches, use low-cost materials like wood planks and cinder blocks. This provides your backyard a distinctive architectural element in addition to adding seating.

Swivel Chairs

Include swing seats surrounding your fire pit for a fun touch. solid rope and solid wood planks can be used to make them. This concept gives your outside area a carefree and enjoyable atmosphere.

Do It Yourself Log Benches

For rustic seating, use a log splitter to chop huge logs into bench-sized pieces. This is especially economical if there are already big branches or fallen trees in your yard. For a naturally occurring seating arrangement, put these wood benches in a circle around your fire pit.

Integration of Gardens

By surrounding your fire pit with inexpensive, fire-resistant plants, you may blend it into your garden. Select plants that add a protective layer while adding beauty and fragrance, such as Agastache or lavender.

Base of Paver Patio

For a polished and tidy appearance, build a straightforward paver patio around your fire pit. Pavers are quite inexpensive and simple to install, which makes this a fantastic weekend project. Additionally, this base might aid in keeping weeds and grass from growing around the fire pit.

Ambient Lighting

To finish, add some low-cost outdoor lighting to improve the atmosphere. Your nighttime get-togethers around the fire pit can have a wonderful ambiance created by string lights, solar path lights, or even homemade lanterns.


It need not be costly to design a stunning and useful fire pit area in your garden. These ten inexpensive landscape design ideas will help you create a lovely area that’s ideal for entertaining or spending peaceful evenings in. When preparing and utilizing your fire pit, never forget to put safety first. Have fun creating and relaxing in your new backyard retreat!

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